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Changes.......At the September 2014  Meeting the Board Of Directors & Membership voted to do away with the position's of Truck & Engine Captain's Position & Truck & Engine Lieutenant's Position.......The 3 Chief's will appoint The EMS Captain, Fire Captain's & Lieutenant's as needed & must be approved by the Board Of Directors.

To Reach A Company 10 Officer Call The Station Than Enter Their Ext Number

2014 Line Officers


Fire Chief: Jim Benson Ext 211
Deputy Chief, Fire: Jeff Gouldy Ext 250
Deputy Chief, EMS Ed Erlsten Ext 200
EMS Captain: Cyndi Kauffman Ext 254
Captain: Donald Moore Ext 253
Lieutenant: Trae Boisvert Ext 252
Lieutenant: Nicole Kepes Ext 255
Lieutenant: Brian Martinez Ext 256
President: Jim Tritt Ext 267
Secretary: Keith Becker Ext 263
Treasurer: Tim Langletz Ext 264
Financial Secretary: Dennis Derr Ext 265
Chaplan: Tyler Alday Ext 261
Board Of Director Chairman: Sam Kell Ext 268
Board Of Director: Bernadette Donnelly Ext 274
Board Of Director: David Voyack Ext 270
Board Of Director: Jen Walsh Ext 273
Board Of Director: Dean Jury Ext 269
Board Of Director: Deb Harbold Ext 271
Board Of Director: Denny Snook Ext 272
President: Kathy Yoeman Ext 275
Vice President: Tom Terry Ext 267
Secretary: Shirley Young  
Treasurer: Beth Jury  
Chaplain: DJ Tamanosky  
Sr Trustee: Joe Mrjak  
Jr Trustee: Tom Terry  
Special Police
Captain: Matt Stoner Ext 258
Lieutenant: Roger Knight Ext 259
Lieutenant: Robert Walters Ext 260